Detoxify life with Dr Mehmet Oz

The secret to lifestylechanges is automation…

– Success is forgetting that you´re on a program.
– 2 weeks-plan is needed to exercise your autopilot.
– Start with the small things, like adding 10 minutes extra walk per day, eat 100 calories less per meal or day and sleep 30 minutes longer per night.

Detoxify life 
– Don´t microwave plastic
– Use deodorant, not antiperspirant
– Green householdcleaners, no chlorid and ammoniac
– Air out drycleaning or PERC
– Check your house from radon

My thoughts about microwave and detoxing:
When you microwave food, the energy is starting to shake the water until it ingrease higher temperature. This procedure takes just a minute, comparing to food that´s heating up in the ownen or by cooking. It´s easy to microwave a few minutes more than necessary and that makes a magnificant vitamin- and minerallost.

Boost your body with natural products, lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and ofcourse… organic and biodynamic food. Drink juice or green and red tea, rather than coffee, soda or alcohol. Try to avoid halfmade cooking, bad products, lots of E-numbers, sweeteners, white sugar, white flour, bread, fast food and candy. Lower down your daily income from red meat, chemicals, conservatives and impower yourself with extra nutrition from, omega 3, vitamins and minerals.   
– Use PH-balanced soap
– Aim mechanical sunblock
– PM retinoid (ascorbicon, tocopherol with exampel Vitamin E)
– Exfoliate (wash vid AHA)

My thoughts about skincare-products:
Deodorant is full of chemicals and alkohol that goes straight out in your blood. Same problem comes some of our make up, beautyproducts, showeringproducts and Look for natural products, with antiaging antioxidants as vitamin E and non-alcohol. Use natural soap,  washingproducts and a toothpaste without flour.      

– Tomato
– Pomegranite
– Green té
– Salomon
– Biotin (from nuts, soyabeans, beans)

My thoughts about skinfood:
Tomatoes is one of the best sources for sunprotecting lycopene. White peoples creates D-vitamin from the sun and need food that comes from red vegetables and fruits. Dark skined people takes up less sun, gets dark because of the betacaroten and because of that, they also need more sun then the white people do.

1. Grab as much hair as you can
2. Pull it hard
3. see how much hair you get in your hand
4. more than six straws is to much

– Schampo only when it´s dirty
– Don´t overblow from wet to dry hair
– Rubb gently
– Eat omega 3
– Use caffein, avocado and slow DHT

My thougths about hairdamage and hairrepair:
The best way to get strong and healthy hair, is to start on the inside. Eat lots of vitamins and minerals, boost yourself with omega 3 fat and eat extra of silicaminerals. Lower the damage and repair with daily natural careproducts, don´t blow or rubb your hair while drying it and always take time for a recoveringmask. Make your own hairboost from eggs, avocado or buy your hairrecovering from a natural serie of spaproducts.    

Teeth care
– Brusch 2 minuter
– Floss adds 40 % of your teeth
– Apple antistaining

My thoughts about teethcare:
Dont ever, ever use flour in your toothpaste, because of the nervedamage it makes in your body. Brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, with a natural aloevera-toothpaste, for at least a couple of minutes and with a toothbrush that fits your gum. Use dentalfloss before every brush and after every meal. Lower the PH in your mouth with less sugar and fast calories and balance it with a sour lemon. Do not brush your teeth directly after drinking soda as coca cola or fanta. 

You have your energy in:
– Hormones bioidentical, thyroid, HRT, Testosterone
– Injections (Vitamin D, Probotics)

My thoughts about Vitamin D:
”Don´t forget that your skin has to be in the sun or get vitaminpills to create Vitamin D. It takes 500 years for your skin to go darker or whiter while moving to other parts of the world. Betakaroten makes your skin darker, protection the skin from the sun. That makes the outdoor suntime will be even more important than for people with white skin. White skin will create lots of D-vitamin, because of it absorbes the sun and are protected by lykopen. That´s why Sweden (scandinavia) has lots of vegetables with lykopen (for exampel: tomato), when other countries has lots of orange vegetables with betakaroten (for exampel: carrots).“  (By: Zarah Öberg)

Sourround yourself with positive people and things you like to do. Top of the things that take your energy is economystruggles. You know… final crises gets you at least 8 years older.
– Social network gives you great respond and developement. Take care of your friends, businesspartners and other sourrounding networks.
– Boost your body with following vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin A, B, C, D, E
Omega 3
Green tea
Turmeric (you find it in curry)
Capsaicin (you find it in spices and red wine)

My thoughts about energy and sleeping
Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night and in a unstressed and calm environment. Important things to take hold on is to lower the sourrounding volume, get darker light in the room, turn of the tv or computer, open up for fresh air and add a lower temperature. Inspire yourself and get in the right sleepingmood with a good book or nice music. Tell a fairytale to get small children in bed without struggle.   

– 50% of the pregnant women are unaware of the pregnancy the first month
– Hormones and lifestyle puts pressure on the pregnancy
– Epigenics is that kind of genetics that will change from lifestylehabbits as stress, nutrition, exercize, overweight and so on. This will ingrease to womans pregnancy.
– Nutrition from omega 3, vitamins and minerals are rekommended thrugh the whole pregnancy.

My thougts about pregnancy and nutrition:
If you trying to get pregnant or already are… Eat lots of omega 3 fat, vitamins, minerals and priority sources with calcium, kalk and B-vitamin (folsyra).  Do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, unpriority your sleep, get stressed or pressure yourself while pregnant.   

Written by: Zarah Oeberg for children in (