Dr Hawkins scale of consciousness

2014 november > tisdag, november-4-2014

According to Dr Hawkins, the most people om earth is below 200 according to their scale of consciousness. When you have the ability to really love from your heart, both yourself and others, your about 400 during to the scale. To name some of those step to inner Peace, below 200 you find anger, greed, destruction and ilimination. Over 200 you find truth, love, enlightenment, transfiguration and release.

Interesting research, which explains a lot about the world’s negative energy and why people live in fear and anger instead of love and inner Peace <3

Enlightenment, which is the highest level of consciousness, are defined by your inner state. According to buddism, it´s a final spiritual state marked by the absence of desire or suffering. The state of having knowledge or understanding or/and the act of giving someone knowledge or understanding ofcourse without asking for something in return. The awakening to ultimate truth, where lies and egoism do not longer exist.

So… How do you raise your levels of consciousness..? We all have are ways, finding the way to peace and love, and those are only my proposals and guidelines. 

1. Always live in truth, in absence of desire and suffering. 

2. Endeavor loving yourself (endeavor means trying hard to make it happend)

3. Give to others without asking for something in return.

4. Always treat people in the best way and with all the love you possibly can.

5. Ask yourself and universe what´s the purpose here on Earth might be. Without your Dharma, or meaning of Life in place, your life can easily feel meaningless or negative.

6. Leave all places more beautiful than when you came.

7. Surround yourself with people who wish you well and who love you and want to see you grow.

8. Meditate and feel in the heart what is important to you. Stop for a while, take a rest, and let all your thoughts fall in silent for a moment, so that your heart’s voice can make yourself heard. When you are busy with all the thoughts in your head , it’s less easy to feel what the heart really wants .

9. Learn to distinguish between what is your energy and the energy of others. It is easy to be affected by today’s negative energies that constantly surrounds us.

10. Free yourself from guilt. We all have done things that we wish were undone , but the important thing is that we learn from what we did wrong and see it as lessons instead of mistakes. All disease, all negative circles … everything that happens teaches us to move forward, and the more things we go through during our lifetime and choose to learn of, the more we evolve and increase our awareness .