Les Brown – Impower yourself

Begin your journey asking yourself:
Who are you… What do you have and why should anyone care? Make your demands, impower yourself to the burning desire and do whatever it takes to make your dream come true. Get your energyboost from one of the world´s best speaker and storyteller!

In bad times… If you can look ut, you can get up… Modern it to your mind, applicate the tools you need and attract the people that will help you to succeed.

Someones opinion of you, don´t have to become your life and your reality. Create your own picture of who you are, what you want to be and to achive. Let loose of your fantasy and creativity and to think outside the box. 

To change your life and develope your personality, goal and vision. Take time to write down what YOU want to be. What is your recoveryplan for life?

– Get a vision
– Impower yourself
– Make something happend
– Alliance with people with big dreams and lots of positive energy.
– Have no regrets… learn from your misstakes, but never regret a choice and action.
– Downlow your distractions to maximate your power
– Prepare for success – The highest form of faith is preparation, so prepare and your time WILL come.
– Be thankfull and focus on positive things, energy and ALWAYS… Hold your head up!
– Dress for success, look in the mirror and see yourself as the one you will become.
– Be thoughtfull and do not ever make decitions from your emotions, driven by fear and the “I can´t – feeling”. While feeling fear you often take permanent decitions for temporary problems.
–  If you going thrue hell, don´t stop
– Be connecting with good people. Only qualitypeople ask för help, not because of weekness, BECAUSE the wan´t to stay strong. Ask for help and do not stop until you get it, no matter have many people it takes to ask.
– Be presistant and committed to restain your entusiasm.
– Be positive and focus on the opportunities rather than problems and struggles.
– Add the right mindset… Good things are supposed to happend to you.
– Stay focused with the mindset… No matter what it takes, I will succeed! It´s not over until I win!
– Be creative and let go of your fantasy. Think outside the box, meaning… DONT ever get limited by your own mind.
– Be concerne
– Be faithful and trust in life and in YOU.
– Previde more service than you get paid for.
– Build relationships and priority time for networking.
– Don´t let the things you say, stand in the way for what they wan´t to hear.
– Success requieres ability
– Demand more of yourself than the achivements you have reached until this time.

YOUR key-questions to get started:
– Is it worth it?
– Can I do it?
(Your impact drives your income)
– Are you coping or actively developing tools and techniques to change your life and your business? 

-Learn how to tell YOUR story
– Create a unique experience for your costumers
– Create stories indentification
– Create a one to one experience

People want to be:
– Affected
– Respected  
– Connected

Start today and impower your POWERVOICE:

And as a summery:
When there is hope in the future, there is power in the present!

Written by: Zarah Oeberg for children in shape.com (www.childreninshape.com)