Ny vetenskaplig studie om NLP och dess effektivitet

Jaap Hollander (IEP Holland) skriver i sitt senaste nyhetsbrev att han och hans kollegor har publicerat en ny studie som främjar arbetet inom NLP. Studien visar att en enda session med NLP-coaching, genomförd av NLP-utövare under utbildning, gav en betydande positiv effekt på hela 64% hos klienterna. Läs studien nedan!

The effectiveness of NLP: Interrupted time series analysis of single subject data for one session of NLP coaching.

Jaap Hollander, Oliver Malinowski, Institute for Eclectic Psychology Nijmegen, The Netherlands


The main goal of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the treatment of individuals with mild psychological and/or social problems. Multiple N=1 studies were used to examine behaviour changes in individuals receiving NLP-coaching. In this design, NLP treatment consisted of only a single NLP coaching session given by an NLP trainee*.

25 participants were asked to score their chosen problem behaviour on a 10 point rating scale at least 20 days prior and 20 days after the intervention. In addition, changes in perceived well-being were observed using the Outcome rating scale (ORS). Through visual inspection and statistical analysis of the interrupted time series using SPSS ARIMA, the effectiveness of the intervention was examined.

Results show that 16 individuals (64%) improved concerning their mild psychological and/or social problems through the NLP treatment. Repeated measures ANOVA show that on average overall well being of the participants increased after treatment. We conclude that NLP-coaching can be effective in treating mild psychological and/or social problems and is able to increase perceived overall well being after one coaching session. Based on our findings and the limitations of this design, further scientific investigation of NLP is recommended.